LeagueSharp Loses $10 Million To Riot’s League of Legends In Lawsuit

Riot has won a lawsuit filed last year against LeagueSharp, a membership based hacking service, and the trial ended in the form of a $10 million payout. Riot first filed against LeagueSharp last August 2016, claiming the organization disregarded League of Legends’ DMCA by supplying players automated play and illegal edge against other legitimate players through its $15 monthly hacking application.

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Based on Law360 brief, the suit additionally stated that LeagueSharp directed strikes on Riot’s servers, assisted players fraudulently to dispute in-game purchases, and at one point unveiled personal information and threatened a Riot staff.

The lawsuit itself was determined in January, but LeagueSharp was given until the end of February to halt operations entirely. The settlement eventually came through and awards Riot with $10 million, a court-ordered ban on the application, and Riot was given full-control over LeagueSharp’s websites.