Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s DLC Pack 1 Available This Summer

Nintendo’s first downloadable content pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been announced, while the second DLC is expected to arrive later this year, during the holiday season. The expansion pass costs $20, and cannot be purchased separately.

trial of the sword

The Master Trials content pack offers new challenges and new items, such as armors, outfits, a new horde mode for Link to awaken the true power of the Master Sword, and a hard difficulty mode that makes the game more brutal and harder to beat.

master sword

The Master Trials Highlights

Trial of the Sword

When you get to a certain sacred location, you can take on the new “Trial of the Sword” challenge. Face an onslaught of enemies, one wave after another. Link starts the challenge without any equipment or weapons. When all the enemies in a room are defeated, Link proceeds to the next. Clear all the trials (about 45 rooms in total), and the true power of the Master Sword will be awakened, and it will always be in its glowing powered-up state while usable.

Hero’s Path Mode

This new map feature shows the path Link has walked through Hyrule from the last 200 hours of gameplay. Use the time tracker bar to see where you’ve spent the most time and where you have yet to explore. There’s bound to be more adventures and maybe a shrine or two on the road less traveled.

Hard Mode

In Hard Mode, enemies gradually regain health, so take them out as quickly as possible. All enemies are also powered up by one level. For example, Red Bokoblins in Normal mode are now Blue Bokoblins. Enemies can also have higher maximum levels than they would in Normal mode. Look up, and you may also find enemies and treasure chests in the sky!

Travel Medallion

Somewhere in the world, there is a chest with a Travel Medallion inside. When you use this, you can register your current location as a fast travel point on the map. You can only register one location using the Travel Medallion.

New Armor

There are 8 treasure chests placed around Hyrule containing armor themed after previous The Legend of Zelda titles. Watch for tips as to the whereabouts of these chests as you travel around Hyrule.

Korok Mask

The Korok Mask is also hidden in a treasure chest somewhere in the world. While wearing this mask, it shakes whenever Link is near a hidden Korok location. There are 900 Koroks hiding in Hyrule, so this should help you discover quite a few of them.



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