LEGO Bricktales digital adventure game announced


Publisher Thunderful and developer ClockStone Studio announced digital adventure game LEGO Bricktales

While platforms and a release date for LEGO Bricktales weren’t confirmed at this time, it’ll naturally come to Windows PC as a Steam page is live.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

In LEGO Bricktales, discover an innovative brick-by-brick building mechanic to design puzzle solutions from your own imagination. See your creations brought to life in a beautiful LEGO world where every problem has a constructive resolution.

Embark on epic adventure across a world of beautiful LEGO diorama biomes crafted brick by brick as you search for inspiration to help your grandfather reinvigorate his rundown amusement park with your little robot buddy in tow. Your journey will take you to the deepest jungle, sun-drenched deserts, a bustling city corner, a towering medieval castle, and tropical Caribbean Islands. Help the mini-figures of these worlds by solving puzzles and unlock new skill throughout the story to further explore these worlds and uncover the many secrets and mysteries they contain.

From purely aesthetic creations, such as a market stand or music box, up to functional physics-based puzzles like building a crane or gyrocopter – each diorama offers a variety of construction spots with the freedom of intuitive brick-by-brick building. In each spot you are given a set of bricks and it’s up to you to figure out a unique build that will work. On top of specific puzzles and quests, there are additional builds in the amusement park so you can customize the rides to make them your own!


A globetrotting LEGO adventure: Experience a whimsical and epic adventure around the world, packed with charming dialogue and fun secrets to unravel.

Beautiful diorama worlds: Explore five varied story world biomes and the amusement park hub, all fully built out of LEGO bricks.

Build like never before: Discover the most intuitive brick-by-brick building in a LEGO video game, as you see your creation come to life in a three-dimensional world.

Test your skills with varied puzzles: Different types of puzzles will test your building skills. Use your engineering brain in functional physics-based puzzles to build a bridge for a digger to get across a river, put your designer hat on to build a stunning new throw for the King, or customize the rides in the amusement park.

Master your builds in Sandbox Mode: Unlock the Sandbox Mode upon completing a construction spot, then you back in and improve your build with a huge selection of additional bricks from different themes.

Heaps of items to collect and unlock: Find collectables in the different dioramas and use them to buy cool new items for your wardrobe or new brick color sets for the sandbox mode.

Build your unique character: Create your own mini-figure character from a huge selection of parts and unlock more options imspired by the world you visit as you progress through the story.



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