Let’s Join Playpark LUNA Online Open Beta Together!

Dear Lunarians,

are you ready? Let’s explore LUNA world together!

LUNA Online


Playpark LUNA Online is in Open Beta Phase

We welcome feedbacks or comments.

Join the community group and share with us!


Open Beta Version Patch Updates Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance will take place today, 22nd June 2017 from 10:00AM (GMT+8) – 16:00PM (GMT+8).

Open Beta Version

New Game Content:

1. Connection Time Event (22nd June – 4th July)
60min: FP4% Potion x5
120min: FP4% Potion x5
180min: FP4% Potion x5

2. Level Cap increased to 60
3. 50-60 Level maps Open
4. Instance Dungeon & Magic Tower Open
5. Craft & Farm Contents Open Until level 60


Bug fixed:
1. Mini Map Display Error
2. New Translation Pack Implemented
3. Guild Storage Error


New System Update:
1. Item mall item now able to Trade, Sell and Store

If you encounter issues apart from the above, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services. (Support Center)

If you haven’t download the game yet, here is the link, and welcome on-board! (PC only)


See you in the Blueland!


For more information, please visit:
LUNA Online Official Site.

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