Let’s Take A Look At Ghost of Tsushima’s Director Cut

Let’s Take A Look At Ghost of Tsushima’s Director Cut


Any avid gamer would know that Ghost of Tsushima is one of the better games released last year. Featuring gorgeous visuals from feudal Japan and an immersive combat system, it is not difficult to see why this game is so critically acclaimed.

And for those who are out of the loop, an announcement trailer for the director’s cut of the game was revealed last month on PlayStation’s official YouTube account.

The trailer promises a lot of additional content from a new story and a newly added island expansion.

So, let’s take a look at what we are to expect in this director’s cut version of the game.


Iki Island Ghost of Tsushima Director Cut


A Brand New Island Expansion: Iki Island


The new Iki Island is arguably the most anticipated addition in this director’s cut. The Iki Island will centre around Jin Sakai and a brand new story that involves new characters like Ankhsar Khatun the shaman and an entirely new Mongol tribe.

From the Iki Island story trailer, we can see that the Iki Island is aesthetically different from Tsushima. 

The island is designed to be more ‘torn-down’ where players will be able to palpably feel the aftermath of a war. One can assume that it is almost like a gritty version of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

On this island, Jin Sakai will encounter brand new enemies and allies as well. On top of that, players will also be able to learn new techniques which will be imperative in clearing the island challenges.


Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Director Cut


New Features That Are Exclusive to The PlayStation 5


For those who own a PS5, lucky you, as this expansion will also be pushing the limits of the PlayStation 5.

For instance, the PS5 version of the game will have a noticeable graphic upgrade, especially during cinematic moments and cutscenes.

And with the high-rendering capabilities of the PS5, the visuals will be more in sync with the audio. As such, lip-syncing will also be added for the Japanese voice acting, in which the vanilla version of the game was severely lacking.

Other notable enhancements include better load times, support of 4K resolution, 3D audio, haptic feedback support and up to 60 FPS support.

While it might be a bummer for those who are expecting to play the director’s cut on the PlayStation 4, the other added content will still justify the price of the expansion.


Ghost of Tsushima Save File Director Cut


You Won’t Have To Start Over: Transferable Saves


Played through the game and you don’t want to invest more time in playing the entire game again? No worries there, as this expansion will allow you to continue from your current save file.

If you initially played the vanilla game on the PS4 with a save file in it, the saved progress can also be transferred over to the PS5.

However, do take note that to play the contents of Iki Island, players would need to progress ‘till the second act of the main story; after when you have reached the Toyotama region.


Ghost of Tsushima Legends Director Cut


Other Mini Updates and Added Contents to Ghost of Tsushima: Legends


When the director cut is launched, existing owners of the game will get a free patch update that is aimed to improve the game’s accessibility.

After the patch update, players will be able to access new alternate controller layout options. Target locking during combat will also be available for a more convenient fighting experience.

As for the multiplayer, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, a new mode is teased and the best part is that this new mode is free of charge for existing players.


Ghost of Tsushima Pre Order Director Cut


Where to Purchase the Director’s Cut?


Players can purchase or pre-order the director’s cut from the PlayStation Store or at a retail store.

If you’re purchasing from an authorised retailer, you will also be getting:


– a digital art book consisting of illustrations from the original Ghost of Tsushima and an additional 10 pieces of Iki Island’s concept art

– digital soundtracks from the vanilla game and two tracks from Iki Island


And if you have decided to purchase the game on the PSN Store, you can purchase it here!


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