Let’s Take A Look At The Updates From Black Myth: Wukong Latest Trailer

Let’s Take A Look At The Updates From Black Myth: Wukong Latest Trailer


Trailers are a big hit or miss, nevertheless, many game publishers have put in a lot of effort into churning out eye-dropping trailers to introduce their game.

We’ve seen it from the Assassin Creed series and games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Watch Dogs: Legion, they all released amazing trailers to cast a ‘love at first sight’ moment to gamers worldwide.

And as far as trailers go, the upcoming Black Myth: Wukong is up there with the very best. Last year, we got a little peek at Game Science’s latest take on the Chinese lore and we were more than impressed with the hyper-realistic gameplay that was teased.

And just a couple of days ago, we were teased even further, only this time, the gameplay is captured in real-time.

So let’s take a look at what we can expect from this next AAA game.

Black Myth Wukong Story


Story: A Different Take On The Lore


Monkey King is arguably the most recurring character of any video game. We have seen it in both League of Legends, DOTA, SMITE and Heroes of Newerth.

However, none of the games that we have mentioned really tapped into the actual lore of this titular monkey god. Black Myth: Wukong takes it a notch higher, where they modified the lore and it sounds extremely intriguing.

For those who don’t know, Monkey King is based on the ancient folklore, ‘Journey to the West’, where the almighty Monkey King is to accompany his master, Tang Sanzang to acquire sacred texts while enlightening the people they meet on the way.

The game puts a different twist to it. Although it is briefly mentioned, the game’s premise states that what we know from the Journey to the West is false and that the Monkey King was never really part of the ‘journey’.

And the game’s story will then unfold on what actually happened to him.


Black Myth Wukong Unreal Engine 5


Tested with Unreal Engine 5


While some may argue that Game Science might not have the credentials or history at making a game as grand as Black Myth: Wukong, they sure as hell can’t deny that Unreal Engine has been the backbone of many acclaimed games like Fortnite and the latest Kingdom Heart games.

Additionally, the YouTube description of the official trailer also states that the game will be supporting Nvidia’s ray-tracing ability.

This means that if you have an RTX graphics card, you will be able to run this game with better graphical textures and the lighting of the game—where the gameplay trailer emphasised a lot on—will be more noticeable.

And despite the fact that we know nothing about the game’s supporting platforms, we can make a safe guess that this game will be available for PC, although do note that this is just an assumption and no official statement of it being on PC has been released as of the time of writing.

While we are confident that the game will be available for PCs, with the current sophisticated consoles, we won’t be surprised to see this game being available on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.


Black Myth Wukong Bosses


More Bosses To Expect


During the first gameplay trailer, our eyes were treated with some of the best fight scenes from the game. The Monkey King was taking on a wolf-like creature and the gameplay was pretty advanced to the point that we were given hope that it can rival titles from FromSoftware.

But from the latest trailer, we can see that there will be fiends and deities not necessarily related to the Chinese mythology, but very grounded to the Asiatic theme of having anthropomorphic creatures lurking about.

Furthermore, we also manage to catch a few minutes of actual gameplay where the Monkey King is taking on a white dragon in a cloudy area. Through the course of the battle, we can really see the ray-tracing in motion where the sunlight and shadows were rendered to perfection. 

When positioning your in-game camera up, it would be as if you are looking up at the bright sky in real life.

Black Myth release date


Release Date


Unfortunately, despite having numerous trailers and having our interest piqued, there is still no official confirmed release date for this game just yet.

The saving grace here is that the developer of the game, Game Science, are formerly Tencent Games and that they are taking their time to properly develop the game.

This is great because Black Myth: Wukong is a serious contender and is definitely game-of-the-year material. Hence, we wouldn’t want its potential to go to waste just to please some impatient gamers.

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Check out the trailer here: