LifeAfter New Content Update

Caravan 101

  • 1. Farstar Days: From Sep. 8 to Sep. 29, New Outfit – Farstar Days will be available to purchase. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action;
  • 2. Share the Moment under the Moon: From Sep. 8 to Sep. 22, Survivors can accept event quests via the Training Entrance page. After completing certain quest stages, Survivors can claim the corresponding rewards on the event page.
  • 3. Heavy Cannon Spider Venom: From Sep. 8 to Sep. 29, Survivors can exchange Federation Checks for Supply Chests of different levels, which can be opened for a chance to get rare rewards, including Spider Venom Collector’s Edition Chest, Sweet Cat Cafe Theme Plan Giftbox, Moon Bunny Optional Chest, and more;
  • 4. Lucky Bag: From Sep. 8 to Sep. 29, Survivors can select a certain amount of items from Top Rewards, Rare Rewards, Valuable Rewards and Common Rewards to set a Lucky Bag prize pool. Survivors can consume Osmanthus to draw items from the prize pool. Rewards will be removed from the pool when you draw them, and all of the items in the prize pool are guaranteed to be obtained within 12 draws. You can spend a certain amount of Osmanthus to reset the prize pool before all prizes have been drawn. Items including LifeAfter Gold Vouchers, Memory Material II, and Gene Capsules are among the rewards available.
  • 5. Coupon Shop: From Sep. 8 to Sep. 29, you can obtain LifeAfter Gold Vouchers from Heavy Cannon Spider Venom, Lucky Bag and other events. You can exchange LifeAfter Gold Vouchers for rare items including Deep-Dive Heavy Cannon items, Spider Venom Rifle items, Clumsy Bunny Floor Lamp and more;
  • 6. Subscribe for Rewards: From Sep. 8 to Sep. 29, complete event subscription rewards to claim extra rewards.
  • 7. Clear Breezy Night: From Sep. 10 to Sep. 22, Clear Breezy Night will be available. Survivors can exchange different amounts of Osmanthus for certain amount of New Dollars and receive Building Boxes of different levels. Open the Box for a chance to get Jade Rabbit’s Night Cruise, Chilled Serene Lamp and more rare furniture;
  • 8. New Chips: New Tactical Belt chip, High Mag Cap and Perseverance are available! From Sep. 8 to Sep. 29, the first 160 rewards of the Advanced Research must contain an all-new Premium Chip. The first Advanced Research or Precision Research enjoy a 50% discount.
  • 9. Op Privilege Card: From Sep. 15 to Sep. 29, Survivors can purchase the Op Privilege Card and obtain an Artificial Magnetic Core every day. You can select a Daily Mission to obtain double the challenge rewards;
  • 10. Duo Training: Duo Training will be available from Sep. 8 to Sep. 28. Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Osmanthus. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support;
  • 11. Caravan Market: From Sep. 8 to Sep. 29, Tea Olive Lantern, Osmanthus Food Box and many other furniture decorations will be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market! Laurel Garden Furniture Chest will also be available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. Open the chest for a chance to get Tea Olive Pot Game Lotus Pond, Rice Cake Bunny, Bay Laurel Sky Lantern and other rare items;

The Sunken Boat

An SOS signal has been detected, coming from an abandoned infected cruise ship. The Green Sail and the Federation decided to board the ship to conduct a rescue operation. But when they reached the deck, all they found was some medical equipment, sickbeds and some mysterious growing jars… Secrets that have been locked up for years will finally come to light. Survivors, let’s explore together!

  • 1. Daily Area Operation – The Sunken Boat will become available in Crystalthorn Sea. To gain access to the Sunken Boat, you need to reach Gathering Lv. 95;
  • 2. During the operation, ammo cost and depletion of gear durability are reduced by 90%, and durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%. Clear the Sunken Boat for a chance to obtain Grade 6 Exclusive Accessories;
  • 3. During the Area Operation, clearing the stage for the first time will grant a Clearance Reward. Each clearance will also grant an extra Rating Reward. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once a day. Rewards will be reset if they expire.

Charles Town Super Clash

  • 1. All servers which meet the Charles Town requirements will join the Super Clash on Sep. 19. The rules are the same as the Charles Town Clash;
  • 2. After the winning Camp from each Super Clash is decided, all participating Camps will become eligible to register for the cross-server Shelter Land Showdown;
  • 3. Camps will be given the chance to register for the cross-server Showdown in order, based on rankings and points. After this process is complete, the number of Camps for each server will be determined according to the number of servers in the Shelter Land Showdown;
  • 4. The Shelter Land Showdown will start on Oct. 10.

Training Arena Season 10

  • 1. The Training Arena Season 10 will be available from Sep. 8 to Sep. 17;
  • 2. Survivors’ attributes will be balanced during this game mode;
  • 3. Improved matching logic. Survivors are now more likely to match with teammates and opponents of similar strength;
  • 4. After matching successfully, there will be a penalty period if you reject the prompt to enter the battlefield. The penalty time will increase if a Survivor does this repeatedly.

Farstar Cup

  • 1. The Farstar Cup is open daily from 18:00-24:00 from Sep. 8 to Sep. 21. You can participate when your Combat Level reaches 30. 20 Survivors will gather in Farstar City to fight for Blood Red Diamonds. Only one person can win the final victory. Who will be the winner?
  • 2. Participants will be rewarded according to their performance. Each reward can be claimed at most once per day. Rewards are refreshed daily at 3:00. The champion will obtain the limited-time golden Head of Farstar City title and the speedy vehicle Farstar Phantom;
  • 3. During the event, your gear Durability and Drone Durability will not be reduced, but your ammo reload cost will be reduced by 90%. Character attributes of all participants will be compressed to maintain balance;
  • 4. To ensure the fairness of the game, negative gaming behaviors will now be punished more harshly. Please play fairly.

Other Content

  • 1. Improved the flying experience of Morpho Wings. Now during combat, Survivors can actively stop flying and get back to the ground quickly;
  • 2. New products arriving in the Furniture Market: Added the Building Box category in the Furniture Market. Survivors can purchase Building Boxes containing blueprints and structures. Brand new Furniture Boxes can also be purchased via the Special Theme Page. Come and take a look;
  • 3. Added a orientation modification function. Survivors can now make orientation modifications for target attributes based on technique type.
  • 4. A new monster Mutate Mechanism has been added to the Clear Sky Wheat Field map. The new monsters are tougher to deal with, but the rewards given after defeating them are also richer;
  • 5. Improved the visual effect when Bandits are set on fire with Petrol Barrels in Area Operation – Bandit Den Raid.
  • 6. Updated the interaction interface and improved the user experience when using Stoves. Survivors have a chance to experience the overhauled Stove interface in advance. Following further updates and refinements, the update will be rolled out to all Survivors.









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