LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie Live Now!

LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie Live Now!

NetEase Game have released a New Expansion Sea of Zombie, marking the start of an era of sea survival!

Sea of Zombie introduce a New Map, New Marine Infected, Salvage Sea Resource and Build Sea Shelter. Furthermore, it come with limited Outfits, sprays, frames, and other free rewards.

New Map

Explore the five mysterious mutated seas. Crystalhorn Sea, Labyrinth Sea, Rainbow Sea, Eroded Reef Sea and Whirlpool Sea. Each of the seas come with different challenges as some require some skill to stay longer and some have strong infected.

New Marine Infected

Now the Infected will be able to swim which mean you can’t just stay on the boat to avoid it. It also introduce Three Infected Bosses, Shark, Colossal Octopus and Infected that dresses as priest suit.

Salvage Sea Resource

There will be a boat provide for player to ride, so you can explore and gather the marine resource!

Build Sea Shelter

Player will be able to build a shelter at a Construction Area while at sea.

Now go on the adventure to find what lies ahead!

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LifeAfter 6,480 + 1288 Credits NetEase Pay USD99.99

LifeAfter 4,880 + 888 Credits NetEase Pay USD74.99

LifeAfter 2,980 + 488 Credits NetEase Pay USD46.99

LifeAfter 1,980 + 288 Credits NetEase Pay USD29.99








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