LifeAfter Season 4: The 2nd Outbreak details revealed!

NetEase’s PC and mobile survival game, LifeAfter, has revealed the details for Season 4 of the game, also known as The 2nd Outbreak. Season 4 has begun on November 4, 2021. Here’s what the new update will bring:

Strange Phenomena, Heavy Tanks

Black orbs of unknown nature appeared over Mouth Swamp, oozing ominous vibe. Strange phenomena near the orbs such as weightlessness and intensifying infection are begging for an investigation. On the other hand, Infected Moth, a new type of Infected that is suspected to be related to the orbs, is bringing new threats from the sky. The familiar Doomsday World is undergoing a big crisis of things getting out of control!

Survivors will be facing with these new threats and bigger challenges. As the enemy strength grows, more fire power is added for survivors. The new helicopter Annihilator-10 will take on the fights with Infected Moth; the heavy vehicle—Tank Iron Stride-54 will be put to use in this version for the first time. Survivors now can drive tanks to lay suppressive fire to the Infected!

Levin Rally, Team Gathering for Rich Bonus

Event time: 00:00, October 29, 2021, to 24:00 November 7, 2021(UTC+8)

To help survivors to prepare for Season 4, the operation team has arranged a bonus event with rich rewards on official social media platforms. Survivors can create a team and invite friends to win materials together in preparation for the big fight.

How to participate:

  • On the event web page, survivors can create a team and invite friends to assist for Preparation Points.
  • Each survivor can assist up to 5 different teams to gain Preparation Points each day. The chances to assist will be refreshed at 24:00 each day.
  • The initial Preparation Point is 1. When it reaches 5, 10, or 15, a respective Preparation Gift Pack will be available.

Doomsday Out of Control — more unknown challenges coming soon

All the unprecedented strange phenomena have made the Doomsday World even more dangerous. Survivors must survive with everything they’ve got! What kind of unknown events the future holds? What this world will turn into?


Stay tuned on OffGamers and join to Season 4: Out of Control on November 4!


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