LifeAfter x Attack on Titan collaboration event begins!

NetEase Games, the developer of the open-world zombie survival game LifeAfter, has announced that a collaboration event with the popular manga series Attack on Titan will begin on September 15, 2022. Since its initial release in 2019, LifeAfter has continued to add new content to its game.

LifeAfter has amassed a user base of approximately 200 million registered users worldwide due to its accurate depiction of a post-apocalyptic landscape and focus on survival exploration. This crossover exhibits the same level of dedication, has rich event items, and top-notch gameplay, and is ready to inject new life into players’ obsession with doomsday survival. There will be additional crises.

How do I top up the LifeAfter Credits on OffGamers?

  • 1. Select your choice of credit amount from our product page
  • 2. Press the ‘direct top-up’ button
  • 3. Enter your Account ID and Server
  • 4. Select your preferred payment method and other required details and the credits will be added to your LifeAfter account.

    Over 90 collaboration limited items will be available in the event

    From September 15 to September 29, 2022, there will be crossover merchandise that screams Attack on Titan. Players can dress up as Attack on Titan characters Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi, and Historia Reiss. In addition, new outfits and pet skins featuring titans and the Armored Titan theme are on the way.

    Players can add Attack on Titan-themed tables, chairs, beds, carpets, paintings, wallpapers, and other furniture to their own unique Manor, as well as figurines and other likeness decorations of the game’s main characters and titans. There will also be Attack on Titan-themed vehicles, weapons, and drone skins, which will improve the combat experience while better preparing gamers for the titan invasion.

    LifeAfter to feature time Limited collaboration gameplay and a bonus event

    In addition to collaboration-limited products, the Doomsday World will face new crises. Outside the walls of Hope 101, gigantic titanic beings prowl, and humanity is shrouded in a terrifying gloom. A new challenge has emerged. Armored Titan, one of the original titans in Attack on Titan, will attack the player camp. Players must organize their battle strategy and band together to defend the camp and defeat the Armored Titan.











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