Lineage W: Guide to All Playable Classes

Lineage W is new multi-platform MMORPG for Android and iOS. We prepared a guide on the playable classes in Lineage W. Which class shall be your pick? If you have no idea where to start, come take a look at this guide.

Lineage W will feature 4 classes including Monarch, Knight, Elf, and Mage, and each has their distinctive characteristics. Besides Monarch, the other 3 classes all have advantages over one and disadvantages against another as follows: Mage > Knight, Elf > Mage, Knight > Elf.


About Monarch: The Master of a lineage destined to face countless trials. The one who will shine brightly through honorable victory, or who will fade with the tide of history upon miserable defeat. A monarch walks the path of blood to seal their undecided fate.


  • True Target- Marks and highlights a target, only visible to Blood Pledge members.
  • Brave Mind- Has a chance to deal greater damage for the duration of the skill.
  • Excalibur- Strikes the ground with a summoned Excalibur dealing Magic Damage to the target with a chance to stun.


Monarch is the only class that can command the battlefield and rule the castles of the Kingdom of Aden. Compared to the other classes, Monarch has average ability stats. But the true value of Monarch comes into play under multiplayer combat ranging from a party group and up and his skills are composed of spells effective in assessing and commanding the battlefield. You can enhance the abilities of many of your comrades in a battle with a party or larger unit. They have effective skills to assess and command the situation on the battlefield.


About Knight: The one that wanders to keep his faith. Seeks to swear a Blood Oath to his eternal Master. To him, death is a trivial matter, as long as the vow is upheld. As both guardian and judge, the Knight fights without fear.


  • Shock Stun- Stuns the target with a Two-Handed Sword.
  • Counter Barrier- Evades a melee attack and counters it with a Two-Handed Sword.
  • Reduction Armor- Absorbs damage with the mind power.


Knight is a class that is strong and powerful on the front lines of battle. He has a high level of stamina and physical defense. Therefore, he would guard a position or play the role of a tank when making an advance during a large battle. With his powerful close combat skill, he can stun and destroy their enemies.

The right composition of his abilities and spells enables the Knight class to withstand the attacks from the Elves and overpower them. But his low resistance against magic keeps Knights vulnerable against Mages. Knight is a class that is highly dependent on the equipment and the potion.


About Elf: The one to walk the path of redemption forever. All will fade while those flowered from the Tree of Eternity bloom everlasting. The blood of that kin that stains her hands cannot be cleansed. Hence, a life of atonement awaits.


  • Triple Arrow- Quickly shoots 3 arrows in a row, requires a ranged weapon.
  • Blood to Soul- Consumes HP to restore MP.
  • Area of Silence- Creates a vacuum around the caster, disabling the magic usage.


Elf is the most varied class, using the power of spirits. Elf has a low level of stamina and defense, but she has a long-range attack advantage, making Elves excellent checkmate. With the right selection of attributes, her close-range attack ability or role as a supporter can be enhanced.

Elf has 6 different levels of magic that are also at her disposal, thanks to the earth, wind, water, and fire, the four elemental magic. In massive battles, Elf increases the spelling accuracy of friendly mages and at the same time blocks the spell of enemy mages and attacks from the range to keep them in check.


About Mage: The child is born from death. Struggling against a harsh fate that dooms her to become the evil goddess’s vessel. Constantly battling whispers that call for destruction and temptation which leads to corruption, yet venturing out into the dangerous world in hopes of blazing a trail of her own.


  • Heal- Restores the target’s HP and deals damage to undead monsters.
  • Disintegrate- A massive spear pierces the target to deal significant damage.
  • Immune to Harm- Creates a magic barrier to decrease received damage.


Mage is the class with the most magic in Lineage. She has the heaviest firepower and brings a demise to the enemy with her critical attack, wide-area magic makes her wide area hunting easy, her “Turn Undead Spell” enables mages to destroy undead instantly.

In large-scale battles, she neutralizes the enemy attack with debuff skills and heals the friendly as a supportive unit, she has an advantage over Knights with the low level of magic defense but is vulnerable against Elves attacking from afar.


So which class will be your pick? Join Lineage W today with OffGamers!



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