Little Witch in the Woods launches via early access in May 2022

While Little Witch in the Woods launches via early access on May 17th, the witch-life RPG will be available via Steam. The early access debut of the game will include the prologue and its first chapter equaling about five hours of content, while the final release comes with its prologue, three chapters, and the ending – total around 20 hours of content.

A Little Witch’s Daily Life as an Apprentice

In the “Lucerein Ortu,” witches live together. They built “Witch Houses” in various areas and have been sending their apprentice witches there. The apprentice witches must go to one of the “Witch Houses,” and help the nearby village and villagers. If you complete your apprenticeship successfully, you can become a formal witch. Become Ellie the Apprentice Witch and experience her daily life!

Various Stories

Become the main character, Ellie, and proceed with the story so that you can complete your apprenticeship successfully.
Practice the teachings you learned at the Witch School, help people, and make the world a better place.
Make friends with the charming characters in village, and listen to their inner stories they bear. If you can become their best friend, you can maybe hear their secrets.

Activities and Exploration

Gather and process materials to create potions! The potions are useful in solving problems.
Explore a mysterious fantasy world. You can find unique areas where you can meet cute creatures. Interact with various creatures and fill in the information in the witch’s book!
Find hidden places where you can get special items or find shortcuts.

Leisurely Daily Life

Chat with new friends and find out their tastes. If you give them a gift that suits their taste, you will be able to get closer to your friends more quickly.

The witch and the cat are a historically inseparable partnership. Communicate with cats living in various places. Each cat’s personality will be as different as the appearance. If you have a fateful encounter with a cat, the cat may want to spend every day with you.

Sometimes you can fish and enjoy the peace. A relaxing rest will give you the energy to go on a vigorous adventure the next day.



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