LiveMe: Be the star you are!

Be the star you are!

Since its launch in April 2016, LiveMe has quickly attracted a large number of users and has become one of the most popular social products of young fashionistas.

LiveMe currently has a wide range of influence in the global trendy circles. Don’t wait – Join LiveMe to go live and broadcast your life, get fans, and receive gifts to be a social media influencer. With 365 days of nonstop brilliant content, LiveMe aims to provide you with top-tier live streams.

How to Redeem:

  • 1-Go to:
  • 2-Click on Recharge at the top right corner
  • 3-Login to your LiveMe account
  • 4-Select Mintroute as your payment option
  • 6-Select denomination
  • 7-Enter pin code and the redemption is completed


Check it out!



LiveMe 89999
Coins (Global)
LiveMe 35999
Coins (Global)
LiveMe 8999
Coins (Global)
LiveMe 4499
Coins (Global)
LiveMe 899
Coins (Global)
LiveMe 629
Coins (Global)



For more Information, please visit:
LiveMe Official Website


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