Localized Language on OffGamers Mobile App

Localized Language on OffGamers Mobile App

OffGamers has a core vision to continuously expand payment and distribution channels in both traditional and online methods to further benefit partners and customers. Today, OffGamers has reached about 200 unique payment methods with a wide range of currencies and product denominations available. To provide a better experience, the new layout also comes with localized language!


Regional Setting

Region / Currency / Language

When you scroll to the bottom of the app, you will find the Regional Setting where you will be able to check the Region you are in, the Currency selected, and display Language of the app.


Display Language

In Regional Setting, you will be able to change your app display language.





Worldwide Business

Unique Payment Methods

OffGamers’ services and products are available worldwide in a wide range of currencies and product denominations. Fulfilling all of our customers’ needs no matter where they are. There are about 200 unique payment methods available on the platform and users from around the world will have more than one payment option available to choose from.


Global Coverage

OffGamers carries out e-commerce business to achieve global coverage. To ensure the application is fortified with the best security in order to protect all user’s information at all times, it is GDPR and PDPA compliant. The business also operates 24/7 so users won’t have to worry about time zones.

With over 15 years of business, OffGamers’ digital catalogue now consists of over 28,000 game titles backed by 45 international partners and over 70 game portals worldwide.


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