Lords Mobile NEW Feudal Battle mode: [Feudal Vanguard]!

Lords Mobile NEW Feudal Battle mode: [Feudal Vanguard]!

This update will introduce a NEW Feudal Battle mode: [Feudal Vanguard]! Occupy Vanguard Forts to fight for the District Wonder!

  • New mode: [Feudal Vanguard] (must be Castle Lv 25 to participate; check in-game notices for event timings and rules)
  • [Vanguard Forts] will appear
  • Only [Rally Attacks] can be used to occupy Vanguard Forts. District Wonder can only be attacked after occupying a Vanguard Fort
  • Minimum rally time is 2 mins


The three Feudal events will randomly alternate in the future. Stay tuned to the Events Board for event notices.


Adjusted Fort rules for Battle Royal, Feudal Battle, and Chalice Battle

  • Non-occupying parties can initiate rally attacks on Forts in Pacifist Phase. However, Coalition Troops will automatically withdraw if they reach a Fort while it’s still in Pacifist Phase.


Optimized Trial by Fire:

  • Added Speed Up button to battles
  • Can now use [Quick Swap] and [Battalions] in configurations (note: must research the relevant Tech to use)


Dragon Arena

  • Optimized Dragite Shop display: Boommeister Medals will not appear in the shop after reaching Legendary Grade


Various UI optimizations:

  • If you log in to an incoming attack alert (red frame), some alerts and notification windows will not appear so that you can quickly prepare for battle
  • Added Events button on the Kingdom Map
  • Monster levels will be shown when sharing their coordinates
  • Added [Switch Account] button to newbie tutorials
  • Adjusted Event tab rules in Avatar Selection



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