Lords Mobile Winter Festival Events

This update will bring about the Winter Festival where you can get exclusive Castle Skin, emotes, avatars, and more! We will also be introducing a new Battle Royal mode: [Royal Vanguard]!

Added Giftaways: Purchase packs that contain an Epic or higher Bonus in the Mall to share Giftaways in the Kingdom Chat!

New mode: [Royal Vanguard] (must be Castle Lv 25 to participate; check in-game notices for event timings and rules)

  • [Vanguard Forts] will appear
  • Only [Rally Attacks] can be used to occupy Vanguard Forts. The Royal Wonder can only be attacked after occupying a Vanguard Fort
  • Minimum rally time is 2 mins


Optimized Guild matchmaking system and Cups awarded for Dragon Arena

Trial By Fire: Added Stages 9,001~12,000

Added [Athena’s Ace], a newbie ranking event (held on the first 7 days when a Kingdom opens. Must be Castle Lv 5 to participate; check in-game notices for event rules)

Various UI optimizations:

  • Added Vanguard Fort numbers to Vanguard event UI
  • Redirectable coordinates added to the Watchtower
  • The system will remember which supplies and how many were sent previously
  • Added Hero Army Might and changed Hero Might to Hero Stage Power on Hero interface
  • Adjusted size and position of the icon indicating that Castles have captured Leaders on the Kingdom Map
  • Winter has come to the Kingdoms of Athena
  • Weekly Passes and Monthly Passes added to the Mall


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