Lost Ark Getting a New Continent, Classes, And Raids in April and May

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A ton of content is being added to Lost Ark over the next two months including a new continent, classes, and raids.

Amazon Games didn’t give specific release dates in its April and May roadmap but broke the content down by each month, revealing that the new continent, South Vern, and a new martial artist class are coming this month.

South Vern is a brand new region in Lost Ark that joins Punika as the second Tier 3 continent, requiring an item level of 1340 to begin. It features new quests, characters, and stories centred around Queen Ealyn and and Knight Commander Avele.

The new class coming in April is the Glaivier, a martial artist class that uses a short spear in the Flurry stance and a glaive in the Focus stance. Players are encouraged to use both modes as different abilities activate when swapping between stances.

The second new character, the Destroyer, arrives in May. This fourth warrior advanced class wields a massive hammer and can bend gravity to its will, pulling and pushing enemies away to set up devastating attacks.

Also coming in May are the Trial Guardian Raids, a new weekly activity where players can attempt to defeat the three Trial Guardians. These enemies rotate out each week and scale to the player’s item level, so Amazon Games hopes they’ll provide a constant and fresh challenge.

A new Guardian raid is also coming in the form of Deskaluda, arriving as one of the most powerful in the game requiring an item level of 1415.

Finally, Amazon Games is introducing the first Legion Raid, Valtan, an eight-player dungeon that brings a new level of difficulty to Lost Ark. Also requiring a 1415 item level, the raid is longer than any others in the game and has separate checkpoints allowing players to stop and start the raid at their leisure.

The updates will bring various quality of life improvements and general fixes to Lost Ark and Amazon Games will reveal the specific release timings in the coming weeks.

Lost Ark has proved immensely popular on PC since it was released in the west in February, shooting to second place on Steam’s most played games of all time and amassing over 20 million players.

The launch hasn’t been without issues though, and Amazon Games recently admitted it released the first major update too soon after launch, pressuring players into paying for what was meant to be free content.

It’s also been criticised for having gender-locked classes, meaning only men can be warriors and women can be mages, and so on, alongside its female characters’ revealing outfits, though it’s somewhat addressed these concerns.




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