M1 reduce its price for this new year

m1 promo

Get a 10% discount on your processing fee each time you top-up using M1 postpaid number. During the event period, users who top-up OffGamers Store Credit or purchase any products from OffGamers via M1 through Codapay will receive a 10% discount off.

Maximum top-up allowed each month using M1-Codapay is S$250*.

Event Time: 25th January – 31st January, 12PM SGT 2016

How to make a purchase using M1 postpaid account?
1. Select the M1 logo, and enter your mobile number when prompted.
2. You’ll receive an SMS that contains a 3-digit security code.
3. Enter the 3-digit security code in the pop-up window.

The charge will be reflected in your next monthly bill.

For questions or help completing a transaction, send an email to support@codapayments.com.

*Price stated in Singapore Dollar.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This promotion will begin on 25th January 2016 at 12PM SGT and end on 31st January 2016 at 12PM SGT.
  2. To enjoy the 10% discount, users must complete a successful purchase using Codapay with an M1 postpaid mobile number in the timeframe listed above.
  3. Purchases made using methods of payment other than Codapay will not be eligible to receive the bonus.
  4. This promotion is only available to customers who use an M1 postpaid mobile number.
  5. Coda Payments Pte Ltd reserves the rights to make any changes to the above stated promotion and/or terms and conditions without prior notice.
  6. All decisions made by the Coda Payments Pte Ltd are final.

About M1

M1 is a leading full-service provider of mobile and fixed communications services to over 2 million customers in Singapore.

Their products and services are inclusive of wireless broadband, International Direct Dial, broadband service plans, enterprise solutions and other value-added services for residential homes and corporate clients.

With an emphasis on network quality, customer service, value and innovation, their mission is to link anyone and anything; anytime, anywhere.


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