Mabinogi: 2022 Year End Upcoming Contents

Mabinogi: 2022 Year End Upcoming Contents

Mabinogi reveal their Upcoming Contents for the rest of 2022. Here what to expect,

Quality of Life Updates

The update will improve features and options in the game such as Inventory Bag re-order function, Exclusive Enchant Scrolls can be traded once, Item Enchanting and Special Upgrade Improvements and more.

Field Raid Revamp

The Revamp include Field Raid Bosses will be rebalanced to become stronger and more resilient, participation in raid will be more convenient as it introduced methods for fast travel, announcement for all channels and more. For Rewards, if your contribution is the highest you will have more chances to receive rewards and Voucher Shop will be guaranteed prizes.

Masterpiece C1

This will mainly focus on Chapter info UI, add Replay feature, Graphic overhauls for major NPCs from Chapter 1 and Korean voiceover for NPCs in Chapter 1.

Progression Improvements

Mainly on improving Beginner’s Experience to the game. Enhance the benefits for beginners such as pet and doll bags. Additionally the Skill training, Renown, Grandmaster, and leveling for Crusader skills will become a lot easier.

Arcana Update

The Arcana Talent is a new talent that has the characteristics of two combined talents, and it will bring a new charm to your combat experience, different from the other talents.

This Winter, the Elemental Knight will be out, It is a damage-dealing talent with Close Combat and Magic talents combined and the Saint Bard a supporting talent with Holy Arts and Music talents combined, which will both be added as new Arcana Talents. Of course, new skills and bonus stats for these talents will be added as well.

The game has been out for so long and yet there is still a lot of content! Are you excited about the new content?


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