Mabinogi: Black Friday Sales 2019

Sale Dates: November 21st ~ December 5th, 2019

Mabinogi’s 2019 Black Friday Sales are here! The sales include the new Black Friday Packages, 50% off VIP and Premium, 50% off Dyes, 50% off the Trendsetter Gachapon, as well as a massively discounted pet sale, and a pet adoption medal sale!

Black Friday Package – For Milletians who want to grow in levels quickly

· 3x Fine Reforging Tools (Tradeable Once)
· 5x Rebirth Potions (Tradeable Once)
· 1x Orange Prism Box
· 1x Blue Prism Box
· 3x Combat 4x EXP Potions (30 Min) (Tradeable Once)

Special Black Friday Package – For Milletians who want to be the very best

· 1x Protective Moonlight Upgrade Stone Selection Box
· 3x Credne’s Reforging Tool (Tradeable Once)
· 10x Fine Reforging Tool (Tradeable Once)
· 5x Rebirth Potions (Tradeable Once)
· 3x Orange Prism Box
· 1x Combat 4x EXP Potion (30 min) (Tradeable Once)
· 3x 100% Auction House Fee Discount Coupon (Tradeable Once) (BONUS)


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Black Friday Pet Sale


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