Mabinogi: Dark Moon Box

Mabinogi: Dark Moon Box

Dazzle in the new diaphanous and elegant gowns with the Dark Moon Outfits. Shine brighter than the full moon and look as ethereal as ever!

The Dark Moon Box include Enchant, Wings, Halos, Special Outfits, Outfits & Accessories, Apperance Scroll, Special Effect, Chairs and Homestead Items.

Dark Moon Box:

  • Dark Moon Box (1) -1,500 NX
  • Dark Moon Box (11) -15,000 NX
  • Dark Moon Box (45) – 57,500 NX


Each box comes with set of three Shadow Crystals and one item from the gachapon list to each drop rate.

The Shadow Crystals set will be one of the following:

  • Finest Shadow Crystal (Tradable) x3
  • Potent Shadow Crystal (Tradable) x3
  • Potent Fine Shadow Crystal (Tradable) x3


Available from Dec 1- Dec 29, 2022
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