Mabinogi: Erinn Academy Box Now Available!

Erinn Academy Box Now Available!

It’s time for your life in the Academy! Join the prestigious Erinn Academy and dress to impress with the Royal Prestige and National Prestige Uniforms! Teach a lesson with the Royal Prestige Academy Teacher’s Podium or study throughout the night with the Academy Group Project chair. Check out the details below.

Sale Dates: Thursday, April 28th, After Maintenance – Thursday, May 26th, Before Maintenance

Each box comes with a random set of Life Renown Seals and one item from the gachapon list according to each one’s drop rate.
The Life Renown Seals set will be one of the following:

  • Eluned Life Renown Seal (250) x3
  • Endelyon Life Renown Seal (250) x3
  • Edern Life Renown Seal (250) x3

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