Mabinogi: Frozen Heart Box


Mabinogi: Frozen Heart Box

It was love at frost sight! Freeze others in their tracks with your glacial glamour. Keep your ice-cold hearts safe and warm in the new Frozen Heart Outfits!

The Frozen Heart Box include Special Outfits, Outfits & Accessories, Appearance Scrolls, Special Effect, and Homestead Items.

Frozen Heart Box  :

Frozen Heart Box (1) -1,500 NX
Frozen Heart Box (11) -15,000 NX
Frozen Heart Box (45) – 57,500 NX

Each box comes with Serving Crock (Tradable) x3, Small Hippo Statue (Tradable) x3, Tabula Ocular (Tradable) x3 and one item from the gachapon list to each drop rate.

Available from Dec 15, 2022- Jan 12, 2023
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