Mabinogi Shopkeeper’s Sale: Enhancement Package

Are you looking to upgrade your weapons? Maybe the best and hardest boss of the Crom Bás, Irusan, is kicking your butt, and you need a boost to defeat him? Then have no fear, we have the perfect package for you! Check out the details below.

Sale Dates: Thursday, May 5th, After Maintenance – Thursday, June 2nd, Before Maintenance

Enhancement Package

  • Price: 37,500 NX

Open up the package to receive the following items:

Protective Moonlight Upgrade Stone Selection Box x1

  • Open it to choose the protective stone of your choice:
  • Eweca Protective Red Upgrade Stone
  • Ladeca Protective Blue Upgrade Stone.
  • These stones protect an item from failure penalties when enhancing to special upgrade Lv.7.
  • Box is not tradeable.
  • Upgrade Stone can be traded one time.

Scroll Trade Unlock Potion x1

  • A potion that allows you to trade an Exclusive Enchant Scroll once.
  • Using this item will convert a scroll to an Unsealed Exclusive Enchant Scroll that you can trade once, after which the item will disappear. The enchant scroll’s durability and expiration will be retained.
  • Can be traded one time.

Enchant Extraction Protection Potion x1

  • A potion that protects an item from getting destroyed during Enchant Burning and Entrust Burning. You must use it before burning to protect the item.
  • After Enchant Burning, the item will not be destroyed regardless of whether the extraction succeeded or not, and the protection will be removed.
  • The item will not be protected from regular burning.
  • Can be traded one time.

Trade Unlock Letter of Guarantee x1

  • A letter of guarantee that increases the available trades of a personalized item by 1.
  • It can only be used on personalized items.
  • It cannot be used on items upon which a letter has already been used or on items that have already reached the maximum number of Trade Unlocks.
  • Can be traded one time.

Exquisite Reforging Tool x5

  • Can be traded one time.

Notorious Magic Powder x5

  • Can be traded.



Karma Koin
Karma Koin
Karma Koin
Karma Koin




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