Mabinogi | Snow Cloud for Sale!

Charles has created a Mysterious Snow Cloud and he needs your help in promoting it! Create promotional items around Erinn to help people learn about the Snow Cloud, and earn some snowtastic rewards! Check out the details below.

Event Dates: Now to January 13th 2022, Before Maintenance

During the event, you will receive the guide quest, [Guide] Do You Know About the Snow Cloud?

Talk to Charles in Dunbarton, next to the Healer’s House and register a main character. Every 15 minutes, real-time, the Mysterious Snow Cloud will form a Mysterious Snowball. Only 8 Mysterious Snowballs will form each day from the Mysterious Snow Cloud.

You can obtain a Mysterious Snowball every day when you log in for the first time.

Use the Mysterious Snowball to help promote Charles’ Snow Cloud and you will receive one Charles’ Reward Box for each one you use!

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