Making The Best Out Of Leon: Leon Free Fire Guide

Making The Best Out Of Leon: Leon Free Fire Guide


Leon is easily one of the more interesting characters in Free Fire. Initially introduced in Free Fire Max’s Universe, Leon is described as a basketball prodigy with a set of dynamic and intriguing skillset.

Like with all new characters, many of us would be scratching our heads, figuring out what is the best build or playstyle we should approach the character.

Here are a couple of things you would want to look out for if this is your first time using Leon.


Leon Abilities Free Fire Guide

Understanding Leon’s Ability


Leon’s ability, Buzzer Beater, is a regenerative ability that is passive and restores a little bit of Leon’s health over time.

Hence, as Leon, your playstyle should be centred around prolonging battles and skirmishes as the longer the battle goes, the more edge you would have over your opponents.

One thing to note about the Buzzer Beater ability is that it has an insane scaling. As such, getting your levels up is essential in bringing out the best in the Buzzer Beater ability.

The Buzzer Beater level scale:


– Recovers 5 HP at Level 1

– Recovers 10 HP at Level 2

– Recovers 15 HP at Level 3

– Recovers 20 HP at Level 4

– Recovers 25 HP at Level 5

– Recovers 30 HP at Level 6


Best Equipment Weapons Leon Free Fire Guide


Equipping the Right Equipment For Leon


As mentioned, Leon prefers drawn-out skirmishes so his best equipment is usually long to mid-range sniper rifles.

Essentially, you would want Leon to be built as a Sniper or an Assaulter. Although we do prefer the Sniper approach as it is much safer and you get to avoid being instantly ‘deleted’ by hard-hitting opponents.

And if you’re playing as a squad or a couple of buddies, Rafael and Hayato work well with Leon as a Sniper.


Best allies Leon Free Fire Guide


The Right Allies


Free Fire is a team game and having the best synergy around your characters paves an easier path to victory.

Here are some of the best characters that synergise well with Leon.



If you’re going for a camping gameplay, Laura works insanely well with Leon. Earlier, we indicated that Leon prefers a sniping mode of attack and Laura can help immensely with her ability that boosts accuracy up to 35%.



Another way to maximise far-range combat’s effectiveness is to destroy enemies’ vests as quickly as possible so that your other mates can deliver significant damage on the follow-up. Therefore, Hayato’s ability to increase armour penetration gels well with long-range combaters like Leon that can both weaken enemy defence and increase its allies’ damage output.



If you opt for a different game plan and decide on a more direct playstyle with Leon, Kelly is definitely your partner in crime. This is because Kelly’s ability is able to boost the speed of her allies while also increasing their max damage as well.


Best game mode Leon Free Fire Guide


The Best Modes to Play Leon


Since Leon is a character that is basically designed to fight continuously without break, he’ll definitely be a strong contender in many Clash Squad and Solo matches.

This is especially true for Clash Squad battles as healing is very limited there and Leon’s natural regenerative ability is insanely sought after by many players.


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