Man Caught For Stealing Rare Video Games Worth $25,000

Whoever said that video games were useless, might want to reconsider that thought. A report from ReadingEagle tells of a man, Randy Norris, who stole $25,000(?!) worth of rare video games and sold it off for $4,100.

$25000 retro games

Norris stole the 500 rare games from a couple, Daniel W. and Theresa Langevin, in Flying Hills when he was a houseguest at their home. The couple only discovered about the missing gaming paraphernalia, which includes some of the oldest gaming systems, after Norris had left.

As of this moment, Norris had already been caught and prosecuted for the stolen games but a portion of the couple’s collection of classic games still remains missing as investigators are still unsure how many of the games were sold off.

We hope that the couple will be able to recover their gaming collection because losing $25,000 worth of games is absolutely terrible.