MapleStory 2: Skybound Expansion

MapleStory 2 might have only come out a few months ago, but we’re not letting that get in the way of a massive update to turn Maple World upside down! Learn about a big pieces for the Skybound Expansion, learn about the celebration’s special prices, see the massive list of improvements that are coming soon, and more that comes when the Skybound Expansion – Phase 1 arrives on Thursday, December 6th!


Explore the Sky Fortress

The forces of darkness sems like they’re everywhere in Victoria Island, and the Kingdom of Tria hatches an ambitious plan to counter them: Construct a staging ground that cannot be ambushed, a weapon that cannot be matched, a warship that defines air superiority: The Sky Fortress!


New Factions

Available once you reach Level 50, the Sky Fortress continues the epic story with a new missions to complete as the threat to Maple World grows. Five factions gather together, including the honorable warriors of the Royal Guard, the cunning agents of Dark Win and the secretive spellcasters of the Lumiknights, seeking all the help they can get.


New Missions

Complete new daily quests that take you all across Maple World to take down powerful enemies and uncover new threats. Each faction has their own shop and with unique items to offer to heroes that show prove their valor, including Chat Bubbles, Decorations and much more!


New Class: Soul Binder

The Soul Binder is a powerhouse of deep, spiritual magic: animus. Taught in the mysterious Halo Mountains, she holds an ancient power, one that her body is not yet able to fully control. With the darkness growing and an old enemy on the rise to destroy the school of Guidance, the Soul Binder must grow into her strength and join the battle for Maple World.


New PVP Battle: Maple Arena

Player-versus-Player combat arrives with the introduction of the Maple Arena! Battle against your fellow Maplers in a 1 vs 1, best of 3 battle, show off your skills and dominate the arena to claim brand new PvP gear!


Skybound Celebration and Maple Winter Wonderland Events

The holidays are upon us, and Maple World will be joining in with a month of amazing events. Step into Merry Village to help a little girl feel the spirit of the season, enjoy Tria’s darling decorations and claim dozes of special prizes when the Skybound Expansion arrives with Maple Winter Wonderland!


Wait no more and stock up your Merets with Nexon NX via Multi Game Card for this upcoming expansion!

MapleStory 2


Purchase NX: Click HERE.


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For more information, please visit:
MapleStory 2 Official Site.
MapleStory 2 Skybound Expansion.

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