MapleStory Global – Challenge the New Boss: Seren!

Prepare for an adventure across a vast desert where Hotel Arcus lies! With this new addition to Grandis, a new Sacred Symbol will be available! New boss, Seren, also becomes available to fight, but be cautious of the challenge that awaits.

Requirement: Lv. 265 and above (Zero characters must have completed up to Chapter 2). Your character must have completed the ‘[Cernium (After)] Defensive Tactics’ quest.

Challenge god incarnate, Seren, in a brand new boss fight that tests even the most powerful of MapleStory characters! Maplers must have completed the ‘[Cernium (After)] Defensive Tactics’ quest to have access to the boss battle.

Seren boss battle can be entered once a day and can be defeated once a week. You can obtain Mitra’s Rage emblem and Mitra’s Nodestone as drops after defeating Seren.


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Karma Koin




Multi Game Card (Global)



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