MapleStory SEA – Hotel Maple Event

Cut those ribbons, pop those party poppers and a round of applause for it is an occasion to celebrate!! E-VE-RY-ONE is invited to our VIPs ONLY Hotel!

Event Duration: 7th April 2021 (After Patch) ~ 25th May 2021, 2359hrs

Event Map Duration: 7th April 2021 (After Patch) ~ 30th May 2021, 2359hrs

Requirement: Level 101+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest

How to Start: Look for [Hotel Maple] Extravagant Vacation! (HOTEL MAPLE) quest in Star Notification.


Hurry! Join MapleStory SEA, Enjoy your stay!!!



Asiasoft @Cash
Malaysia (CiB)
PlayPark @Cash



For more information, please visit:
MapleStory SEA Official Site.

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