MapleStorySEA Blinging Accessories Miracle Time

Bling yo’ accessories up with DMT!

TIME : 1800HRS ~ 2159HRS (GMT +8)

List of Affected Item Types :

  • Face Accessories
  • Eye Accessories
  • Emblem
  • Shoulder Decoration
  • Mechanical Heart
  • Ring
  • Pendant
  • Earring
  • Belt


Note: The image lists all the cubes that will receive the Double Miracle Time effect, and they include Purple/Yellow Cubes that are obtained from events or other gameplay rewards, such as Karma type cubes or Event-Ring Limited cubes.


May the blings of Starlight Symphony shine upon you.



PlayPark @Cash
E-Pin 200,000

PlayPark @Cash
E-Pin 100,000

PlayPark @Cash
E-Pin 80,000








PlayPark Malaysia @Point RM200

PlayPark Malaysia @Point RM100

PlayPark Malaysia @Point RM50









For more information, please visit:
MapleStory SEA Event page

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