MapleStorySEA Golden Ascend – Battle-Roid and Outlaw Heart!

[Golden Apple Update 121022] Golden Ascend

YES! It’s another harvest season for the apples of gold!

Note : The single Golden Apple shown above can only be purchased ONCE per Maple ID.


Miscellaneous Items

Finally getting to be the outlaw I always wanted to be WOOOOO!!!!

Note :

  • Hallowoot Ferry Mount is Permanent.
  • Battle-Roid (M/F) and Outlaw Heart shown below can be obtained separately.
  • Spooky Creeps Chair and Metro Monster Chair are *Untradeable.
  • Battle-Roid Special Function : When the character takes fatal damage, the character can be revived in the current map along with it’s HP/MP and buffs restored.


Assorted Enhancement and Upgrade Items

Scrolls and more scrollsssss

Note : Images shown are partial selection of items obtainable from Golden Apple.

Let’s go on a golden ascend!

@Cash (SG)







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