MapleStorySEA Immerse Presence

[Cash Shop Update 301122] Immense Presence

Wisp’s Wonderberry & Luna Crystal

These are wonderberries but absolutely NOT EDIBLE!


  • Wisp’s Wonderberry Pets are not shown wearing their respective pet equipment.
  • Wisp’s Wonderberry 10 Package are being sold in Cash Shop during this duration.


Luna Crystal Update

Petite pets FTW

Note: Luna Crystal (3) and (5) Bundles are being sold in Cash Shop during this duration.
To understand better about Luna Crystal, come HERE!

Get all 3 Luna Petite pets to complete the ultimate death’s death collection. #1PerMapleID #[LunaCrystal]LoomingDeath

Pet Equipments Sale

Sprinkle dem blings on your pets with their pet equipments!


  • Emoticon Set, Meowmi’s and Mewmi’s pet equipment will be PERMANENTLY added into the Cash Shop.
  • Emoticon Set, Meowmi’s and Mewmi’s pet equipment have a duration of 90 Days.
  • Polar Space Travel Set and Petite Darkness Set pet equipment are PERMANENT.

Grand Cube Packages

Is it time? *-*

3 Special Grand Cube Packages will be on sale! Each Grand Cube Package consists of 30 cubes, and a number of Grand Enhancement Boxes as well as a coupon for a Potential Scroll with a special function!

Items obtainable from Grand Enhancement Box

  • Spell Trace
  • Suspicious Cube
  • Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%
  • Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 60%
  • Golden Hammer 100%
  • Carved Silver/Golden Seal
  • Yellow/Purple Cube
  • Crimson/Rainbow Resurrection Flame
  • Epic/Unique Potential Scroll 100%



  • Items obtained from the Grand Enhancement Box are Random.
  • Grand Enhancement Box and Potential Scroll Coupon are Untradeable.


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