MapleStorySEA Night Troupe In Rien Update Notes (v216)


Most happening carnival in Rien!!

Event Duration: 3rd August 2022, (After Patch) ~ 6th September 2022, 2359hrs
Requirement: Level 101+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest
How to Start: Look for the (Night Troupe) Festival of Dreams and Fantasy quest in the Star Notification

  • Various events have kicked off here in Maple World for our 17th Anniversary!
    ➢ Designer Grade : Rank UP using Dream coins to get various benefits.
    ➢ Night Troupe Attractions : Kill/Collect from level range monsters to get EXP or Enhancement Items
    ➢ Breaking Ice : Beat the Ice piece to get Dream Coins
    ➢ Diving : Get Dream Coins while you AFK underwater
    ➢ Festival Sponsorship : Use Mesos to provide Buff for everyone in the entire event map, Use Maple Points to get Dream Coins
    ➢ Bumper Car : A 3v3 challenge for level 199 and below – push your opponent out of the map to earn Level and Point rewards
    ➢ Wheel of Fortune : Turn the wheel for a 50/50 chance to get Dream Coins every 30 minutes
    ➢ Troupe Circus Stage : Enter center stage and enhance your gear to 15 Star Force with no destruction chance


    Currency used for Night Troupe :

  • image Dream Coin

    To go back to the Night Troupe event map, you can look for (Night Troupe) Go to the Festival in the Star Notification Event Icon.



big bok, big liwod~

Event Duration: 3rd August 2022, (After Patch) ~ 16th August 2022, 2359hrs
Requirement: Level 101+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest
How to Start: Look for (Starlight Box) Starlight Band’s gift quest in the Star Notification.

  • Click Start and hunt 2,000 level range monsters daily up to 9 days to earn special rewards! Simple as that!
  • You can continue next reward after it reset midnight.
    ➢ 1st : Mithra’s 2x EXP Coupon Box
    ➢ 2nd : Starlight Orchestra Hat Exchange Coupon
    ➢ 3rd : Selectable Symbol Exchange Coupon
    ➢ 4th : Special Medal of Honor x3 Exchange Coupon
    ➢ 5th : Starlight Orchestra Overall Exchange Coupon
    ➢ 6th : Extreme Growth Potion x10 Exchange Coupon
    ➢ 7th : Black Cube x6 Package
    ➢ 8th : Starlight Orchestra Baton Exchange Coupon
    ➢ 9th : Growth Potion Coupon


PlayPark @Cash
E-Pin 200,000

PlayPark @Cash
E-Pin 100,000

PlayPark @Cash
E-Pin 80,000








PlayPark Malaysia @Point RM200

PlayPark Malaysia @Point RM100

PlayPark Malaysia @Point RM50









For more information, please visit:
MapleStory SEA Event page

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