“Blue Archive” Introduces New Student, Kokona

Nexon announced on Tuesday, March 21 that the coming update for their hit game, Blue Archive, developed by subsidiary Nexon Games , will feature Kokona as a new student.

Blue Archive’s newest student, Kokona, is a Piercing Striker from the Shanhaijing Senior Secondary School. When using her EX Skill, Great Job, she recovers the HP of one ally and herself and earns one Stamp of Praise. Alongside Kokona, Shun’s Pick-Up Recruitment will be added, and Pick-Up Recruitments for Kirino, Shun (Small) and Saya (Casual) will be returning.

The event story, “Playing Tag at Neverland,” is also returning. In this event story, Shun, who has been turned into her younger self by a youth elixir, gets into all sorts of trouble while running around the academy.

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