Heroes Evolved is celebrating its 6th anniversary!

New hero, first-ever dual form skins, and bountiful free giveaways await!

Heroes Evolved, the renowned MOBA game will celebrate its 6th anniversary with a brand new hero, first-ever dual form skins, as well as bountiful new contents and giveaways events in April.

New Hero – Khaos, a legendary fighter with exceptional sustainability, is coming to the game, along with the first-ever dual form skins – Departed Light for twin beauties Asura and Freya.

To celebrate its anniversary, Heroes Evolved is offering players tons of rewards and events to participate in. Players can receive an exclusive limited anniversary skin Minos – Car Mechanic for free by joining the 6th Anniversary Cheers event. Also, there will be thank-you gifts for all players, worth thousands of Tokens. Players can also get the first exclusive Super League skin Dr. Madd – Poison Destroyer for free by competing in Ranked Matches or playing Guessing event in the 6th Anniversary Super League.

Heroes Evolved prepares a wealth of gifts for returning players, including powerful hero and deluxe epic skin selection packs. For players who haven’t tried Heroes Evolved yet, now is the perfect time to join. The Anniversary Gathering event offers exclusive hero and skin packs to new players.

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