Honor of Kings Launch Promo, Google Play Gift Card on Discount!

To celebrate the official public beta of Honor of Kings in Brazil, you can enjoy exclusive discount for purchase on designated Google Play Gift Cards through OffGamers. Hurry up & play Honor of Kings.

Honor of Kings Launch Promo, 3% Discount on Google Play Gift Card

Play Honor of Kings in public beta and buy Google Play Gift Cards from OffGamers with a 3% discount!

We also have a guide on how to download Honor of Kings on your mobile devices.

庆祝王者荣耀国际服公测 谷歌礼品卡立享3%优惠

欢迎来到王者峡谷,庆祝王者荣耀国际服正式公测,现在通过OffGamers购买Google Play Gift Card (BR)即可享受3%优惠。




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