How to Top Up Eggy Party | 如何充值《蛋仔派对》?

Welcome to the super party game——Eggy Party! Let’s follow the eggy waffle to spin, jump, roll, accelerate and break through all kinds of fantastic levels! Jump and Roll, Let’s have a Party!

How to Top up”蛋仔派对”?

  1. Search ‘Eggy Party‘ on OffGamers website
  2. Android phones choose “网易游戏点数直充”, and Apple phones choose “蛋仔派对直充”
  3. Fill in the user ID
  4. complete recharge

OffGamers is currently in the “蛋仔派对” recharge activity, and there are points rewards for recharge. Support 300 payment methods, payment in 20 national currencies, and 24-hour online customer service. Friends who like to play games must not miss it

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