KartRider Rush+ Season 18 “Mechanic” Now Live

Fans of mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ can kick it into high gear in the Season 18 “Mechanic” update starting today. A thrilling race awaits in the mechanical world where humans and robots collide, including a new legendary item kart, “Defenderbot,” legendary characters “Robot Bazzi” and “Mechanic Brodi” and an electrifying new track, “Reckless Refinery (Mine).”

Players who join the race will experience:

  • New Highlight Kart “Viper” – “Viper” is known for its nimbleness and fierce drift. Only obtainable at “Viper Center,” players can choose from one of two designs: “Scarlet Viper” or “Amethyst Viper.”
  • New “Collection Room” Content – In “Collection Room” players can appraise outfit resources to acquire and exchange “Guardian set” parts.
  • New Title Defense Abilities – Each title now has its own defense ability, helping players strategically choose which Title they will equip.
  • “Mechanical Heart Aura” Event – From Friday, March 10 until Friday, March 17, a “Mechanical Heart Aura” can be obtained by completing quests such as playing five multiplayer races with a soulmate. Players who stay online for 30 minutes or more from Thursday, March 14 until Friday, March 17 will also receive a “Mechanical Heart Driftmoji.”
  • “Mechanic Stone Shard” Rewards – Other rewards include “Mechanic Stone Shards” which players can gain by logging in and participating in ranked races from Friday, March 17 until Friday, March 31. “Mechanic Stone Shards” can be exchanged for “K-Coin,” “Milk,” “Spiderbot(permanent)” and more.
  • New karts and tracks – Speedy kart “Eradicator,” treacherous track “Dangerous Dock (Factory)” and more will be released as well.

NEXON has also released a video to celebrate the Season 18 “Mechanic” update on its official YouTube channel. After poking around under the hood, the video shows “Robot Bazzi” and “Cyborg Tiera” successfully operating ‘Excavator.” An exciting collaboration is also announced, with details to be provided at a later time.

Fans can find more information on KartRider Rush+ and the new “Mechanic” season on the official website.

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