Make Your Own Obstacle Course in Eggy Party

NetEase has developed a new game called Eggy Party and it has already gained massive popularity in China. The game has already topped the charts this year as players can have fun creating their own obstacle course and invite friends to their Eggy Party.

Play with your friends, get through obstacle course and strive to be the last Eggy standing. You will encounter obstacles that freeze, shock and blow you up. The traps include lifting doors, rotating fans, flipping floors, and more. Eggys will also have a variety of tools at their disposal, each of which brings something different to the party. These tools could give the Eggy an advantage in the course or let players spread some mischief to slow down other Eggys.

Game Modes:

  • Classic Mode: A collection of fun Eggy Land Classics, available to all at all times
  • Challenges & Chains: For players looking for some challenge in their obstacle course
  • Temp Modes: A collection of classic modes available any time

If the game modes are not challenging enough for you, you can also use the map builder function to customize your own obstacle course. Set some traps and be sure to have lots of fun with your friends! Stay tuned with OffGamers for Eggy Party’s release!

For more information, please visit:
Eggy Party Official Site

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