New Game Dark Continent: Mist available now on OffGamers!

When you play the game Dark Continent: Mist, you will experience a game that is quite unique. You will be taken to a fantasy world full of adventure, where you will fight against the darkness while riding a mount and carrying a pet that will help you to restore world peace.

At the beginning of the game, you are required to choose one of the seven existing professions. The seven professions are Slayer, Jizo, Elyse, Yurei, Sage, Nuwa and Red Het. Of course, each profession has a different status. Currently there are six statuses that you need to consider when choosing a profession, namely Range, DPS, Def, Speed, OPS, and also Control. You also need to know that existing professions are gender lock, meaning you are not free to choose your gender.

How to recharge the game?

1. Search Dark Continent: Mist on OffGamers
2. Fill in the account ID
3. Complete the refill

OffGamers is currently in game recharge activity, and there are point rewards for refills. Support 300 payment methods, payment in 20 national currencies, Alipay scan code completion can participate in the sweepstakes. There is also 24-hour online customer service, friends who like games can’t miss it!

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