PUBG Mobile New Draw Event

Event name: UC Station

Event Duration: March 1st to March 31st

Participating Countries: Global

Event Channels: Redeem

Event Rules:
1. Players have two free chances every day to draw for recharge and gift levels. The maximum recharge level is 8100 UC, and the maximum gift level is 8100. This means players can enjoy up to 100% additional gifts.

2. If a player does not get the desired recharge or gift level in the first two free draws, they can spend in-game currency to refresh the options. There are three chances to refresh the recharge and gift levels each day.

3. After drawing for the levels, players will receive UC and a corresponding discount. For example, if the left side shows 60 UC, and the right side shows 110%, players will receive 66 UC after recharging 60 UC.

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