Revelation: Infinite Journey available now on OffGamers with fast and easy top-up method

Revelation is a multiplayer online role-playing game developed by NetEase Games and published exclusively by VNG Games

Revelation: Infinite Journey has succeeded in defining a “neo-MMORPG” while still maintaining role-playing at its core. Gamers get to choose and define their own paths and destiny in the game which entirely satisfies their hopes and dreams.

If scenery is loot for travelers, then the treat for gamers here will be a massive fantasy world filled with surreal skies and oceans. The developers behind Revelation: Infinite Journey made it a point to ensure gamers immerse themselves in highly surreal fantasy worlds built using only the best graphics engines.

In this borderless world we live in, unity should not be a topic strange to mankind. Gamers from different states, countries, and even continents can meet over the gaming platform and build meaningful and lasting friendships. After all, what are games without friends?

Threatening bosses are always the highlights of any new game. Having that said, all professions are carefully crafted under the Social Occupation System and gamers shall be sure of playing in a diversified ecosystem where no single game will ever look the same.

How to recharge the game? Fast and Easy Method!

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2. Fill in the account ID

3. Complete the refill

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