March’s OffGamers Gaming Fest Now Live!

2021 March’s OffGamers Gaming Fest is here! Every month we bring you news about ongoing events that you’ll be interested in! Check out these events below:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

New Superhero Skin Released – Vale “Blizzard Storm”

Join the event for a chance to win this skin, Elimination Effect “Elimination of the Storm”, Recall Effect “Return of the Storm”, Spawn Effect “Arrival of the Storm”, Avatar Border “Stormy Moment”, exclusive Emote “Storm Is Comins”, Sacred Statue “Wind Rider”, and more!

Survival: Nexus Limited-Time Arcade Mode

Players can then exchange these resources for various in-game loots like profile borders, hero, and skin chests. Moonton will reveal more details regarding the event at a later date.

PUBG Mobile

Royale Pass Season 18: HUNDRED RHYTHMS

PUBG MOBILE players can crank up the jams in the HUNDRED RHYTHMS-themed Royale Pass Season 18, collecting all-new rewards by completing in-game challenges.


Admiring the garden view and enjoying the sunshine is one of the best things to do in spring, even in the Doomsday world.

Genshin Impact

Traverse Mondstadt’s emerald green fields, walk amidst the crowds enjoying the festival, and take a tour filled with poetry and flowers — your Windblume Festival journey begins here.



PUBG Mobile



For more information, please visit:
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official Site.
PUBG Mobile Official Site.
LifeAfter Official Site.
Genshin Impact Official Site.