Match-3 FPS MATCHO announced for PC and Consoles

FiolaSoft Studio has announced “match-3 first person shooter” MATCHO for pc and consoles.

MATCHO is launching sometime later in 2022 across Windows PC(via Steam), Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. The game will support English and Czech voices with English, Czech, Italian, French, German, and Spanish subtitles.

Here’s the first trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Start your new epic journey in MATCHO with Max and his friends as he tackles a mysterious alien invasion that could lead to curing his illness and saving the Earth.

MATCHO is bringing puzzles into the combat, It’s Match-3 FPS – a unique combination of genres that merges frenetic shooting with quick decision-making. Explore story-driven chapters as you choose destiny for Max, his friends, and the rest of the world. Fight in action-packed arenas like never before and explore intricate areas – all that with breathtaking visuals and an insane arsenal of abilities including the freedom of parkour movement.

This is a full-featured indie videogame developed with love by small group of friends and developers from the Czech Republic. And it’s FPS like you’ve never experienced before.

Navigate through a series of exciting platforming sections, solve ingenious puzzles and talk with many lovable characters you’ll encounter as Max. MATCHO is our own take on modern super-hero story, with breathtaking visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Main Features:

  • Intense and clever tactical fighting built around the match-3 shooter concept.
  • Dazzling visuals powered by Unreal Engine.
  • A non-linear, humor-packed plot with multiple endings.
  • An extensive, built-in parkour system lets you wall-run, double-jump, float and dash in any direction.
  • A modern take on clever puzzle design and platforming experience.
  • Spectacular combo chains to execute and enjoy.
  • A cast of colorful characters with full English voiceovers.
  • Accessibility settings for colorblindness and difficulty curve adjustment.




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