All about Eikons in Final Fantasy XVI

Get to know all the Eikons in Final Fantasy XVI and their affiliated elements. Showcasing Shiva, Phoenix and Ifrit in frame.

If you have been playing Final Fantasy games for some time now, you’ll realize “summons” play a huge part in the gameplay mechanics. Be it Eidolons from FFXIII, or in this case, Eikons in Final Fantasy XVI. Eikons can be controlled by humans. These humans are called Dominants and can serve as a host to Eikons. So we can expect each character to have their own Eikons.

There are a total of 10 Eikons confirmed so far, and we’ll take a look at each of them and their abilities.

Ifrit – Eikon of Fire


Ifrit’s Dominant is Clive Rosfield, who is also the main protagonist of the game. In a recent gameplay showcase, Clive was shown to transform into Ifrit after beating Garuda in the first phase of the boss battle.

It is unknown whether Clive can transform into Ifrit outside of boss battles. In previous games, summons were typically triggered when players are close to dying. 

What else does Ifrit do? 

Ifrit also grants Clive some Fire-Based Skills and players will be able to unlock more powerful abilities by gaining Ability Points.

Phoenix – Eikon of Fire


Phoenix is another Eikon associated with Fire, like Ifrit. It is said that there can only be one Eikon representing each element. So what does this mean? To make things worse, Phoenix’s Dominant is Joshua Rosfield, Clive’s brother. I sense some family drama. You’ll have to play the game to find out!

Ramuh – Eikon of Thunder


Guess who’s the Eikon of Thunder? It’s Ramuh! Wait, you were expecting Odin? Not this time, you’ll see if you read on. Ramuh is inherited by the dominant, Cidolfus, who is unaffiliated with any major kingdom. Once a soldier of the Waloed Kingdom, Cidolfus ran away from the life of a soldier and was deemed an outlaw. Is he a friend of foe? Only one way to find out:

Garuda – Eikon of Wind


Garuda is the Eikon of Wind in FFXVI, and is inherited by the Dominant, Benedikta Harman. Much is unknown about her and her Eikon at this point.

Shiva – Eikon of Ice


Shiva is a recurring summon throughout the Final Fantasy series. She is the Eikon of Ice, inherited by Jill Warrick. Shiva is a personal favourite of mine since FFXIII. Square Enix always makes ice abilities so graceful and pretty. Not to mention Shiva herself is probably the only female-looking Eikons ever in Final Fantasy.

Bahamut – Eikon of Light


Bahamut is the Eikon of Light in the game, inherited by Dion Lesage. Bahamut is usually depicted as a large dragon in the FF series. This time, he is paired with the crown prince Dion, from the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Ladies, if you are looking for your prince charming riding on a white horse and can’t find him, try looking on top of a dragon.

Titan – Eikon of Earth


The Titan is huge, he’s as big as the mountain, and he is the Eikon of Earth. Titan is inherited by the dominant, Hugo, from the Dhalmekian Republic. Once a nameless footsoldier, Hugo rose the ranks of Dhalmekian politics to become the Republic’s economic advisor.

Odin – Eikon of Air


Drumroll please. We are about to find out which element is Odin affiliated with. Any guesses?

Odin is the… Eikon of Air. Big Surprise. Don’t ask why, it’s just how the game works. Odin is inherited by the dominant, Barnabas, the King of Waloed. Arriving on the shores of Valisthea as a nameless wanderer, Baranabas’ skill with the sword and control over Odin helped him unite the eastern lands, forming it into what we now know as the Kingdom of Waloed. He sounds like a total badass though.

The other 2 Eikons are Typhon and Titan Lost. As of the time of writing, there is no information on them or their Dominant so far.

How is Odin any different from Garuda, the Eikon of Wind? Why are there 2 Eikons of Fire? So many questions! You can get the game by buying PlayStation Store Gift Cards on OffGamers or stay tuned for more news updates with us. Either way, OffGamers has got you covered.

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