Buy ​​TNG Reload Pin (MY) at OffGamers

Buy ​​TNG Reload Pin (MY) at OffGamers

Buy ​​TNG Reload Pin (MY) at OffGamers

Get your value-added PIN from OffGamers and launch the Touch ‘n Go eWallet application – one of the most popular digital payment methods in Malaysia.

How to reload TNG eWallet Reload PIN?

  1. Buy TNG Reload Pin (MY)
  2. Login to your TNG eWallet APP.
  3. Click on ‘+Reload’ at the top left.
  4. Click on eWallet Balance.
  5. Click on “TNG eWallet Reload PIN” at the bottom.
  6. Please enter your Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN to reload your eWallet.
  7. Click on ‘Reload Now’.
  8. Now you may check your eWallet balance.

在OffGamers购买便宜的TNG Reload Pin (MY)

从 OffGamers 获取您的增值 PIN 码并启动 Touch ‘n Go 电子钱包应用程序 – 马来西亚最受欢迎的电子钱包之一。

如何充值TNG eWallet增值PIN码?

  1. 购买 TNG Reload Pin (MY)
  2. 登录您的 TNG 电子钱包应用程序。
  3. 在左上方点击 ‘+充值’ 。
  4. 点击电子钱包余额。
  5. 到下方点击 “TNG电子钱包充值码” 。
  6. 输入 Touch ‘n Go 电子钱包充值码以进行充值。
  7. 点击 ‘立即充值’。
  8. 现在您可查看您的电子钱包余额。
Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN (MY)

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