Diablo IV Legendary Items for Each Class

Legendary Items in Diablo IV are insane, but you might need to farm a little to get the piece that you want.

This blog is for those who love the grind in Diablo. Legendary Items in Diablo IV are insane, but you might need to farm a little to get the piece that you want. Legendary items are at the top tier of the itemisation system. They feature a maximum of 5 Affixes. Of these, 4 affixes are regular whereas the last affix is a Legendary Affix. These work just like regular Affixes except they are much more powerful in their effects. That’s what makes them LEGENDARY.

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If you’re on a hunt for awesome gear, be sure to keep a look out for these Legendary Items for your class.

Diablo IV – Amulet of Chilling Frost

Amulet of Chilling Frost

This amulet is suited for any class but has some extra perks if you are playing as a Sorceress. It will increase the mana pool and reduce mana cost. The Legendary Affix of this item can help you effectively freeze your enemies. So if you like throwing out some icy spells, we recommend going for this one.

Diablo IV – Tunic of Perilous Tread

Tunic of Perilous Tread

This legendary chest armor can be worn by any class, but judging by the nice bonus for Dexterity and Intelligence we suggest putting this on your Rogue or Sorceress, depending on your playstyle. The Legendary Affix may be more suited for a Sorceress though.

Diablo IV – Amulet of Pulling Whirlwind

Amulet of Pulling Whirlwind

This amulet perfectly complements the Barbarian class. Not only does it increase your maximum fury, but the Legendary Affix also helps you pull in nearby enemies whenever you cast whirlwind. This means, no more going after mobs one by one, and you can take them out in one big swoop.

Diablo IV – Thunderspire


The Thunderspire is a Legendary Staff crafted for the druid class. It has a whopping 1273 weapon attack and damage bonuses too. The Legendary Affix gives you a buffer if enemies are coming at you while you shapeshift.

Diablo IV – Writhing Band

Writhing Band

This ring has a very interesting Legendary Affix. Your attacks might have a chance to spawn a hydra that will help attack your enemies. The other stats will benefit a melee build Rogue, paired with some items that increase attack speed, you will be spawning some hydras in no time. Now we admit, this might not be the most OP build, but it sure sounds like a fun one.

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