“Honor of Kings ” 520 event is about to start! New couple skins are here

"Chasing and Escape Game" begins! Angela & Arthur 520 limited skin animation is coming!

“Chasing and Escape Game” begins! Angela & Arthur 520 limited skin animation is coming! And Phoenix Qiuhuang & Phoenix Yufei will return for a limited time~ Angela & Arthur 520 limited skin animation released Angela Arthur 520 limited skin animation released! Come and get healthy with baby Daji~ This is a chasing and fleeing game in which a meticulous administrator of the Ministry of Magic and a quirky little witch are “staged” in a magic circus. Countless chases and escapes all ended with the little witch escaping smoothly. Will the result be different this time? 520 is approaching, so stay tuned for Angela & Arthur – the new skin of the chase game~

Angela & Arthur 520 limited skins will be on the shelves soon, and the canyon will open the romantic mode! Li Bai-Feng Qiuhuang, Wang Zhaojun-Phoenix Yufei return for a limited time! There is also a series of KPL spring championship rewards series activities online, let’s take a look! 520 limited skin Angela & Arthur – Chase and escape game will be released soon The quirky little witch and the ace administrator of the Ministry of Magic officially debut! This time, they jointly bring a joyous “chasing and escape game” that feels like a festival celebration~ “Go slowly~ Otherwise the big guy won’t be able to catch up~”

“This time, I will definitely not let you escape again!” The skin design is based on the theme of Pippi Fairy full of festive atmosphere. Angela is wearing a circus tent-style contrasting skirt, and Pippi Fairy is biting a candy headband. Feiyang, the cute little witch makes her debut. Arthur is wearing a half-black and half-white cool windbreaker, with a translucent hat and hands accompanying him as a magic attendant. The sword and shield are transformed into a more appropriate magic wand and a funny suitcase, which is full of cute furs. Fairies, full of fun.

♡ Launch time: 0:00, May 19th – 23:59, July 19th

 ▌Angela-chasing escape game 

♡ Quality: Legend Only

♡ Tags:

♡ Price: 1788 coupons (1430 coupons for the first week) Unlocking the skin gives a skin-exclusive avatar frame.

▌Arthur-chasing escape game 

♡ Quality: Legend Only

♡ Tags:

♡ Price: 1788 coupons (1430 coupons for the first week) Unlocking the skin gives a skin-exclusive avatar frame.

▌Heart chase gift pack is on the shelves After opening, you can get the following rewards: Angela – chase and escape game, Arthur – chase and escape game. 

♡ Launch time: May 19th 0:00-May 25th 23:59

♡ Price: 2520 coupons (limited to 1 purchase, if you already own some skins in this gift pack, the price of the gift pack will be reduced accordingly). 

Have a chasing and escape game skin to receive a gift 

♡ Event time: May 19th 00:00-May 25th 23:59 During the event period, complete designated tasks to receive personalized actions, surrounding mall coupons, skin privilege red envelopes and other gifts (the skin privilege red envelopes will be available for collection from May 20).

♡ Sweet Personality Wish Coin: You can participate in one personalized wish in the Sweet Adventure Personality Wish interface.

(It will not be available after the event ends on June 18, and can only be sold for 1 gold coin, please use it as soon as possible)

Fengluan and Ming! Phoenix Qiuhuang & Phoenix Yufei Returns in a Limited Time

♡ Event time: gradually open from May 18th to June 6th at 23:59

During the event, use phoenix tree branches to make a wish, with a probability of getting Phoenix Token, Phoenix Feather and other game item rewards; in the event store, you can exchange [Li Bai-Feng Qiuhuang], [Wang Zhaojun-Phoenix Yufei], [Li Bai- [Legendary Skin of Yuluan Chanting Star], [Wang Zhaojun-Qingluan Intentional Star Element Parts] and rich game props rewards such as special effects for returning to the city and defeating the theme of flying with the phoenix, emoticons, avatar frames, and personalized actions.

*For details of the event, please refer to the official follow-up announcement

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