Honor of Kings MAY 2023 UPCOMING HEROES Charlotte

Honor of Kings MAY 2023 UPCOMING HEROES Charlotte

Honor of Kings MAY 2023 UPCOMING HEROES Charlotte

Honor of Kings, it was announced on Twitter that two new heroes, Charlotte and Ukyo Tachibana, will be arriving in May. Today we will introduce you to Charlotte, let’s take a look together.


Charlotte is the most outstanding heir among the prestigious noble families of Sunset Sea.

With unparalleled swordsmanship, she effortlessly emerged victorious in all battles among the nobles of the past and left a fiery red rose as an elegant finishing gift to the defeated.

She treasured the honor established by her ancestors, who with exceptional courage and perseverance, carved out today’s territory from the treacherous waves. They also accumulated a generational glory belonging to the family through numerous complex battles between city-states and fights against pirate raids on coastal areas.

After any skill of Charlotte hits the enemy, other skills released next time will be strengthened into additional skills, and a layer of mark will be obtained for 4 seconds. After accumulating 3 layers of marks, the general attack will be strengthened into an additional skill [Seven-Star Radiance Sword], chasing and locking the enemy to deal 7 stages of damage, each stage causing 50 (+25% physical attack) physical damage and 20% deceleration, and the last stage causing an additional 12% The physical damage of the lost life will be 21%~35% damage-free during the release period (growth with the level). Additional skills add damage effect to the enemy, each layer reduces a small amount of 10% attack speed, lasts for 4 seconds, up to 2 layers, the damage effect is removed with each enemy’s basic attack

Opening move: After a brief delay, Charlotte releases a Swift Light Triangle Sword in the specified direction, dealing physical damage to enemies along its path. Deals 200 (+100% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies along its path and increases Charlotte’s movement speed by 80% with continuous decay for 2 seconds upon hitting an enemy.

Opening move: Charlotte dashes in the specified direction and quickly thrusts her sword six times, dealing 40 (+15% Physical Attack) physical damage each hit and recovering 27 (+12% Physical Attack) health per hit.

Opening move: Charlotte draws seven sword marks in place, each mark dealing 150 (+70% Physical Attack) physical damage and slowing enemies by 50% for 1 second. From the second mark onward, the damage is reduced to 30%. During the skill animation, she enters a super armor state and gains 21%~35% damage reduction (based on level).

Rune combination recommendations.

Mutation:Physical attack+2 Physical penetration+3.6

hawk eye:Physical attack+0.9 Physical penetration+6.4

Hide:Physical attack+1.6 Moving speed+1%

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